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Storage Services

In the business of Warehousing, finding a right place is the first step. It is also the most important step. Take for instance “Vijaya Sai Storages “has a vast experience in establishing warehouses and logistic services.
The Warehousing Scheme envisages providing storage facilities for Food Grains, Food Products, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Oils, Fibers, Seeds, Feed & Fodder, Tea & Coffee, Essential Commodities, Manures & Fertilizers, Chemicals, Cloths, Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs, Agriculture and Hardware etc., to minimize losses and deterioration in storage.
We can also customize the required infrastructure and facilities based on the client’s requirements as an integrated package.
Our warehouse spaces will provide the locations and comforts which enhance a positive business atmosphere. We offer to provide excellent state of the art warehouse and logistic services as an integrated warehousing solutions keeping in mind the clients convenience.
Complete storage chain solution will be provided to the customers like:- Inbound Storage, Indenting and Outbound. The warehouse will be equipped with latest equipment's of Racks, Pallets and Fork Lifts etc,. Complete computerized environment with latest storage and distribution procedures. Proper LIFO, FIFO System, Age-Wise Analysis, Minimum Inventory and Area-wise dispatches of upcountry and local Movement.
Our state of the art contract and warehouse space features many amenities to make your storage and fulfillment operation more efficient and secure.
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